Sci-fi in music: Evergrey, In Search of Truth

Have you ever had your life destroyed because of being abducted by aliens over and over again and being experimented upon? No? Ok, well, me neither. But it’s a well-known science fiction theme, and Swedish metal band Everygrey has an entire album devoted to it, called In Search of Truth, and it’s one hell of a concept album, both lyrically and musically. In fact, it’s among my top five favorite albums of all time.

And before you even begin to think the whole idea sounds cheesy, allow me to point out how terribly and utterly wrong you would be about that. This is a very serious and dark work about psychological suffering. You won’t hear much about little green men and flying saucers. What you will hear is a portrait of one individual whose life is turned upside down because he is a frequent abductee — or because he thinks he is. It doesn’t really matter whether his claims are true or if he’s simply delusional; the whole point of the album is to paint a picture of a man ripped apart by fear and anxiety, who lives in constant dread that his tormentors will return again at any moment, and who feels shame and despair because no one will believe him. Here’s a sampling of lyrics to give a feel of this:

Their constant presence deceives me
I can´t tell when I´m awake or when I dream
And my hiding is useless
My anxiety reveals me
Gives me away

“Rulers of the Mind”

They´re coming
They´re coming here to stay
They´re coming
They´re taking me away…

I beg for a helping hand
I´m reaching I am searching
But no…
And i pray for an ear that listens
My hope is washed away
I´m here alone

“The Encounter”

The night has come
It brings the fear
It´s never-ending everlasting
What was that sound?
Is somebody here?
I can sense their presence
The room is getting colder

Screams for answers
Lost beyond control
And I
I try to find a reason
But here I am a hollow soul
Here I am
I´ve been marked by the triangle

“Mark of the Triangle”

As far as the music goes, that’s every bit as impressive as the lyrics and story. Everygrey plays a form of dark and highly melodic metal with progressive elements, and every part of it is of the highest caliber. They have this amazing ability to suddenly shift from a thick grinding wall of sound to a soft melodic interlude, and it’s completely seamless and natural. And the vocalist Tom Englund is able to get across a real emotional depth. His voice has just the right mixture of roughness and sensitivity, and he uses it with the utmost level of passion. This is one of the few albums I own that inspires me…. no, almost forces me to sing along with it (well, to try anyway).

Here are some clips for your listening pleasure. It’s not the best sound quality, but you take what you can get. I recommend turning your volume UP as this music needs to be heard LOUD for best effect:

Rulers of the Mind:

The Encounter:

Mark of the Triangle:


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