An alternative to the (alleged) Sci-Fi Channel

Add this to the list of all the deep unsolvable mysteries of life: why the (supposed) Sci-Fi Channel offers programming that sci-fi fans hate. At least, most fans I know hate it. I hate it. Best-case scenario: when the seasons of the few shows I do watch coincide, I might, I just might, watch the channel three hours a week. More often it’s only one or two hours. Currently it’s none, nada, nothing. Nothing that could come close to being interesting enough to drag me away from a good book (or even a mediocre book). Pretty pathetic when you think about it. The (pseudo) Sci-Fi Channel can’t even manage to get me — a science fiction fan who has watched sci-fi shows his whole life, someone who should be their core audience — to tune in to their crappy excuse for programming.

Someone else hates the (phony) Sci-Fi Channel too: the Crotchety Old Fan. And guess what? He decided to do something about it. He tracked down a ton of links to science fiction tv shows, movies, and radio programs that are available (legally) on the web, gathered them all into one place for your convenience, and named the project The Classic Science Fiction Channel (now going into my Resources section at the side).

If you’re tired of of all the giant animal/monster movies, the silly ghost-hunting shows, and all the other 3rd-rate (or worse) fare on the (I only wish it was) Sci-Fi Channel, then turn off the TV, come to the web, and find something good to watch for a change.

And a great big “thank you” to COF for doing all that work so that we, the fans, may benefit. I’m still working my way through all those old Twilight Zone episodes!


2 responses to “An alternative to the (alleged) Sci-Fi Channel

  1. crotchetyoldfan

    Hey Bill,

    thanks for the write-up.

    If you or anyone else finds content that I haven’t got, please let me know. (I’m working on a couple of Australian 1960s SF shows and some televised non-fiction content currently).

    Still trying to fill in a couple of the bad radio links and should be finished by late Monday-early Tuesday.


  2. You are most welcome, sir!

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