Damon Knight on early SF

I’ve been thinking of including some videos of interviews, lectures, etc. relating to science fiction, and so here’s the first entry for my new video clips category. It’s a lecture on the early history of the genre by Damon Knight. Enjoy!

Part 1 (Lucian, Poe, Verne):

Part 2 (from Wells to the pulps):


3 responses to “Damon Knight on early SF

  1. Cool stuff. I have been reading Alexi Panshin’s The Wold Beyond the Hill this weekend. He spends a lot of time (all of it, it seems) relating modern SF back to Gernsbeck, Hamilton, Smith, Williamson and Stapledon through John Campbell. Its a really interesting book and probably the best written non-fiction/SF book I have ever read (and yes, Ive read lots of them so far;) ).

  2. Sounds like I might wanna get this Panshin book.

  3. Its a good one. Its big though. 700pp. If you are interested in Heinlein, here is a link to a book he wrote on Heinlein. He writes good fiction too:


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