Odd and random blog facts (or: nothing better to write today)

Hey, don’t complain; you get what you pay for! 😉

1. As of this moment, my most popular post has been “What was your introduction to sci-fi?” However, not too many people actually answered the question. Thus I can only assume they were really more interested in my experiences. I’ll relay this news to my ego so it can make appropriate adjustments. 🙂

2. As of this moment, my least popular post has been my one on recently read books, which was my second post after this blog started. I guess no one was interested in my reading adventures just prior to the start of blogging? Ok, ego, never mind — just stay where you are. 😦

3. In less than a week, my review of Arthur C. Clarke’s The Hammer of God has become my second most popular post so far, and it appears set to take the lead any day now. I find it pretty strange/funny/ironic that one of the most mediocre books I’ve reviewed here has so quickly gotten so many hits. Maybe it’s simply due to Clarke’s name, attracting hits like a black hole attracts matter? Yeah, I guess that’s it.

4. The most bizarre search term that led someone to this blog: “art destroyer design sci fi.” Weird, huh? Plenty of mentions of “sci fi,” of course, but I can’t recall any time I used the words “art” or “destroyer” or “design.” And I’m even more certain I’ve never used any combination of those words. I’m baffled by how that search string led to me. I even put it in google and couldn’t find myself anywhere in the results — at least anywhere near the top, and I didn’t feel like digging through page after page of 218,000 results. Just one of those eternal mysteries, I suppose.

5. As of right now, I’ve read 26 books in 2008. I’ve been pushing myself, and at this rate I just might hit 50 by the end of the year after all.

That’s all I’ve got for now. More book reviews to come in a few days.


One response to “Odd and random blog facts (or: nothing better to write today)

  1. my intro to sci fi was watching back to the future as a kid lol. Have u read arthur c clarke`s childhoods end?

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