Odd and random blog facts, part 2

Yeah, it’s time for another installment of Odd and Random Blog Facts, because I’m just too damned tired right now to come up with anything of substance to say. It’s one of those “do or die” times at work, meaning long hours and lots of stress. Maybe in a few days I’ll have the leisure to write some more book reviews. For now, though…..

1. After a very long and busy day at work yesterday, I came home to find it was a very busy day for the blog too. In fact, it was my busiest day so far, with the number of hits more than tripling my previous record. This was largely due to my “Classic Authors Speak….” post, which seemed to be extremely popular and was noticed and mentioned at numerous sites: sfsignal (in their “SF tidbits” feature), Lou Anders’ Bowing to the Future blog, Matt’s Bookosphere, a French sf forum called ActuSF (they think my blog is “intéressant” — merci beaucoup, amis!), and what I think is a Korean blog, although I’m not 100% sure on that one. I’m a bit surprised at the interest shown in that small video (suddenly my highest-traffic post), but I’m glad so many people enjoyed it.

2. The oddest search term to lead here recently: “sci-fi channel movie about sex with a co.” Huh? A co-what, I’m wondering? Doesn’t sound like anything I wrote about. Why do I attract the weird ones?

3. I recently came across a site called the Business Opportunities Weblog (via somone else’s blog, I can’t remember which), that has a calculator program thingy that scans your blog and all its links and tells you what it’s worth. My result:

My blog is worth $2,822.70.
How much is your blog worth?

Not very impressive, I suppose, compared to lots of other blogs; and I have no plans along commercial lines anyway. I just thought it was interesting.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned.


2 responses to “Odd and random blog facts, part 2

  1. I think it’s pretty damn impressive. I dread to think what I’d get – probably fined. Where do you go to get paid though?

  2. That’s what I’d like to know!

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