A little redecorating: whaddya think?

As the saying goes, change is good. And hey, I’m one of those people who has to rearrange their living room every six months or so. So I thought it was time for a fresh look around here. Besides, there were a few small details about the previous theme I was using that annoyed me. After taking a long hard look at the other WordPress themes that were available, I’ve settled upon this one, called Andreas04.

I do miss my old banner at the top (this theme doesn’t allow for that). However, there are several things I like about this new setup: the color scheme, the double sidebars, and a few other little odds and ends.

Yes, I think this will work out just fine.


3 responses to “A little redecorating: whaddya think?

  1. The change is fresh, and I definitely love the whole page aspect. I never understood why so many bloggers like so much dead space on the screen. I miss the banner too. But it is a bit busy over on the right. I like that you have all that stuff there, and I find it all useful, and the book covers are a brilliant touch (think I’m going to steal that idea), but it is still a bit overwhelming I think. I like the RSS too, but have you got it figured so that people can check on your additions? that is what I am trying to figure out right now for my own site.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Omph.

    As for the RSS. I’m pretty clueless about such matters. I just plugged in the pre-made widget supplied by WordPress. Nothing for me to figure out.

  3. I to like that this theme uses the whole page. I wish wordpress.com had a wider selection of variable size themes. The one I use is fixed. I wish someone would create a variable version of it.
    Interesting use of the third column there Bill. I see quite a few old friends there though most of my copies have different cover art.
    It is ages since I re-read Fahrenheit 451. I am tempted to pull that one out again. The warnings given in that book bear repeating.

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