An hour with Michael Crichton

As something in the way of a small tribute to this recently departed author, I found this video of an hour-long interview with Mr. Crichton on the Charlie Rose show from February 2007. The discussion touches on two of Crichton’s most recent books, State of Fear and Next, and the two men talk at length about biotechnology, stem cell research, gene patents, the commercialization of science, and of course Mr. Crichton’s controversial views on global warming.

Some of Crichton’s comments and opinions I agree with, and some not. But it was nice to get to know him just a little bit through this interview, given that he’s no longer with us. Thus far I’ve only been familiar with his work through the movies (The Andromeda Strain, Sphere, Jurassic Park, Timeline, etc), so I think I’ll put a few of his books on my agenda for the upcoming months.


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