5-56 meme: book quotes

I saw this over at Biology in Science Fiction, and thought I’d give it a go. It’s pretty simple: quote from various books using the fifth sentence from page 56, and see if anyone can identify the books.

I’m only going to do five, because, well, it’s Saturday morning and I’m allowed to be a little lazy.

Here are my five quotes, all from science fiction novels of course:

  1. A wild worm had penetrated the opening.
  2. Down in Southeast, after he had got used to the steady physical labor, and had stopped wasting his brain on code messages and his semen on wet dreams, he had begun to have some ideas.
  3. The only other thing it can have to offer is titanium, which isn’t quite as scarce back home these days as Mike seems to think; and gem stones, particularly the semiprecious ones, which we can make at home without traveling fifty light-years to get them.
  4. Instantly he flipped around, his feet flying over his head, and landed flat on his back against the wall.
  5. The periscope was a wondrous blend of mysticism and know-how.

Guess all five and receive a great honor…. or feeling of accomplishment….. or something like that. 😉


12 responses to “5-56 meme: book quotes

  1. Bill, I don’t think I could even guess one.

  2. 1) One of the Dune books. I just re-read Dune, and worms were not in it that early. Probably not Messiah either, as that part of the book is probably about the plot. Not Children either. In GEoD there really are no worms. So one of the last two.

    2) For some reason I’m thinking Gibson. Neuromancer?

    3) This sounds like a Murray Lienster story I read a while ago. Cant remember which one though.

    4) My guess is Ender’s Game, but I know for sure that they were not in the training room by page 56, so that is probably wrong.

    5) Not a clue.

  3. 5) Is #5 from Dragon in the Sea?

  4. Omph, you’re close enough on #1 — it’s Heretics of Dune (that was the easy one of the bunch). And you’ve got #4, Ender’s Game.

    You should know #5 though, it’s one of your favorite books.

  5. Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang?

  6. yeah i want to ask same thing

  7. I dont know what to epect from these people

  8. Ok, I suppose some clues are in order.

    #2: the guy has to “get used” to the physical labor because he’s a scientist and hasn’t had to do much manual labor before.

    #3 and #5 are from books in the “reviewed” column over at the right edge of the screen.

  9. The Listeners. Honestly, I am just guessing here. But that makes some sense.

  10. #3 is Jem? The guess above is #5.

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