Hundreds for #100

So far I haven’t had the discipline or inclination to blog every single day. Often I just don’t have anything on my mind to write about, and hey, I do spend some small part of my time reading a book every now and then (just in case you hadn’t noticed, hehehe), or watching a movie, or (more rarely) tv. But I have aimed to post something at least three times a week, and mostly I’ve been successful at keeping to that schedule. And so it has taken me until now, about eight months since this blog was started, to finally….

….. at long last….

… reach this…..


100th post!!!

By way of marking this earth-shattering….. no, make that historical…. how about propitious?….. oh all right, this slightly interesting event, I thought I’d give you a few links concerning “hundreds” and science fiction:

Top 100 Sci-Fi Books

Top 100 Sci-Fi Films

Top 100 Sci-Fi Tv Series

Top 100 Sci-Fi Short Stories

David Pringle’s Best 100 Science Fiction Novels, from his book called, oddly enough, Science Fiction: the 100 Best Novels.

Here’s an article for Time by Bruce Sterling from 1999: Time 100: A Century of Science Fiction.

Here’s something of interest: 100+ writers who have never won a Hugo, even if you think they may have had a chance.

And finally, this looks like fun: Sci-Fi Classics 100 Movie Pack, on 24 discs. Sweet! Wouldn’t that be nice to find under the Christmas Tree this year?

Ok, you go read those lists and articles and such, and I’ll start working on my next hundred posts! 😉


One response to “Hundreds for #100

  1. Congrats Bill! Love the lists.

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