Book stuff

I’ve seen several interesting posts lately on various topics involving books and reading, so I thought I’d share.

Bill Ward has a couple of articles (at his own blog and at Black Gate) on the subject of speed-reading, with special reference to a columnist/reviewer who ripped through a whopping 462 books last year. (And I thought I was doing well…. sheesh!) Also of interest is Bill’s post on keeping book lists.


Wanna win some free books? Well you’re in luck. The Old Bat’s Belfry tracks down all the SF/F book giveaways going on and lists them for your convenience. So check there frequently, go enter those contests, and good luck!


Shannon (at Books Worth Reading) posts on the books that have appeared throughout the tv show Lost. It’s an eye-opening list, actually. I’ve been a fan of the show since the first episode, and of course I’ve seen the various characters reading books from time to time. But somehow, I never paid all that much attention to exactly what they were reading. And it turns out there have been a lot more books involved than I ever noticed (see Shannon’s list). Looks like a half dozen or so science fiction and fantasy titles, and just a wild mix of other stuff. Any Lost fans reading this, go take a look.


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