Some recent blogroll additions

I want to mention a couple sites I’ve added to my Blogroll in the last few weeks, to help send them some of the attention they deserve.

First is a relatively new one by none other than Frederick Pohl, called The Way the Future Blogs. He describes it as a sort of continuation of, or sequel to, his 1978 autobiography, The Way the Future Was. It promises to be full of fascinating insights into science fiction (both the literature and the business) from Pohl’s many years as both author and editor. I’ve been meaning to mention this one for a while, and now I have.

The other site is a reverse discovery, meaning I found it by following back a link to someone who found and linked to this blog. And when I visited, I liked what I saw. The Great Gnome Press Science Fiction Odyssey is a classy looking site and a nice homage to science fiction, especially older science fiction, and particularly editions from an old publisher called Gnome Press, which the blogger collects. I think it’s going to be fun reading about his experiences in pursuing his collection, and his reviews of some great SF from way back when. There’s also some good information on book grading.

I hope you’ll take a look, if you haven’t already.


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