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Disch on dreams and stuff

In dreams begin responsibilities. But it’s no less true that in dreams begin irresponsibilities. The menu, in terms of our possibilities in both those respects, is well-nigh infinite. Science fiction is that menu. Title: The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made … Continue reading

The makers of our science fiction dreams

I just finished a fascinating book called Dream Makers: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers At Work, by Charles Platt. It’s a book of author profiles based on interviews Platt (an editor and writer himself) conducted in the late 1970’s. The … Continue reading

Natural history — or maybe not so natural

What if this entire planet were made of the same substance as Isol’s engine? What if the whole system was too? Suppose it wasn’t ordinary matter, but only looked like it at certain levels? Then a planet might talk, might … Continue reading

Review Index

[99 reviews to date.] Aldiss, Brian Starship Asimov, Isaac; Martin H. Greenberg; Charles G. Waugh (editors) The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction Banks, Iain M. Consider Phlebas Transition Bester, Alfred The Demolished Man The Stars My Destination Virtual Unrealities … Continue reading

A galaxy full of SF/F/H sites

I guess I’m a little late in posting this, but here I am, doing my duty (I’m such a damned procrastinator). John at Grasping for the Wind went to the trouble of compiling this massive list of sites/blogs that include, … Continue reading

13 tales of caution, karma, and revenge, from Brunner

From This Day Forward (1972) features thirteen stories showcasing John Brunner’s discerning style and wit. Correction: twelve stories and a poem. If there is a general theme running through this volume, it is that of poetic justice. Karma. Bad choices … Continue reading