Welcome to my little corner of the web, devoted to my love of science fiction.

I started this blog primarily as a way of sharing my thoughts on what I’ve been reading. I’ve been reading SF almost as long as I’ve known how to read, but for most of my life I’ve been rather casual about it, reading only a few books a year. Lately, I’ve been struck by the thought that there is just SO much out there that I’ve missed, so I’ve kicked it up into high gear. I’ve been reading a LOT in the last few years, and especially trying to catch up on a lot of the classics I’ve overlooked in the past.

Although I like science fiction movies and tv series as much as the next guy, I’m far more predisposed toward the written form, and I really think literature is where it’s at. So this is NOT a blog where you will see dissections of the latest episodes of popular shows, or news that actor so-and-so from series X is joining series Y, or the latest movie news. This won’t be one of those big flashy sites that tries to cover every little facet of SF in all the various media. This will be a more personal endeavor, focused largely on my own book reviews and any other topics I find interesting.

A word about the blog title: I think science fiction provides a unique and powerful tool for stimulating thought and discussion about our world and how it is and how it might be. As many have said of the genre, SF is a literature of change: what kinds of change are possible, and how we might deal with those changes. This is important in a world that is changing faster now than ever before. Much of the best science fiction, no matter where or when it takes place, reflects in some way on our current world, and can help us get a better grasp on real problems, issues, and trends. So I believe science fiction, perhaps more so than any other type of literature, constitutes a useful standpoint from which to view our world.

I hope you enjoy the content here, and I’ll look for you in the comments!


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