To authors and publicists requesting reviews:

Got a book you would like reviewed? Well maybe I can oblige. I’m always open to accepting review copies, but please keep the following in mind:

(1) I don’t do e-books; I’m a physical book kinda guy.

(2) I read science fiction. Please don’t send me any fantasy. At least not outright, typical fantasy. I know there isn’t always a clear dividing line, and in borderline cases it just depends.

(3) The only promises I make: (a) if you send me your book, I will begin reading it; (b) if it interests me, I will continue reading it, otherwise I won’t; (c) if I finish it, I will write a review. (If I’m the one making the request, then of course I promise a review.)

(4) This should go without saying, but I make no guarantees about the content or attitude of any review. I try to be fair, and I don’t bash books just for fun. But if I read a poorly written book, I’m going to say so.

(5) If you would like a review by a certain date, I will try, but there is no guarantee.

(6) Please email me first with some info about your book. If I choose to accept it, I’ll get you my address.

Hopefully these guidelines will help us both get something beneficial out of the situation.

Thank you.