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Fellow bloggers share their thoughts on 2008

I’ve just had a chance to catch up on some of my blog reading that I’ve been slacking on since New Year’s Day. And I see that several of my blogger friends have posted their blogging/reading/whatever experiences in the year just ended.

Any biology fans among my readers? There must be. Peggy at Biology in Science Fiction has posted her End of the Year Stats, and it turns out this blog was among the top ten sites sending traffic her way last year. Be sure to keep visiting, because Biology in SF is a never-ending source of coolness!

Bill Ward looks back at 2008 in his Year of Reviews in Review. In some ways his experience sounds very similar to mine, in the ways my reading habits have changed since starting a blog and writing reviews (for example, like Bill, I’ve found less time for non-fiction lately). I also agree very much with his comments about the benefits of writing reviews:

And setting your thoughts down on a book forces you to not only think about what you are reading, but to have an opinion that goes beyond the merely superficial. Overall, I’d say the act of reviewing is good for readers, and that the books I’ve reviewed feel a bit more ‘mine’ afterward.

That’s exactly how feel and I couldn’t have said it better.

Then there’s Shannon’s 2008 Year in Books at Books Worth Reading, in which she analyzes her year’s reading in a variety of ways, including favorites in numerous categories. Hmmm… I see that only 27% of the books she read were science fiction. Come on Shannon, let’s step it up a notch this year! 😉 Well ok, SF was her single largest category read, so we’ll cut her some slack.

And lastly, Mike Brotherton focused on a slightly different aspect of the past year: Idiots of 2008. From the anti-vaccination folks, to Ben Stein and his joke of a movie Expelled, to Orson Scott Card and his anti-gay bigotry, to the antics of the current Pope, to global warming deniers, to the mainstream media, to astrologers…… Mike gives a long list of idiots a good thrashing, which they certainly deserve. Good job, Mike!