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The Science Fiction Phenomenon

I found this documentary called Brave New Worlds: the Science Fiction Phenomenon, from back in 1993, which was broadcast in the UK, I believe. It’s pretty interesting, especially the commentary from various authors such as Robert Silverberg, Arthur C. Clarke, J. G. Ballard, Brian Aldiss, Octavia Butler, Kim Stanley Robinson, William Gibson, as well as SF critic John Clute, some film people such as Paul Verhoeven, and others. Running time: about 54 minutes.

Note: even though in English, the videos are subtitled in a some other language, but it’s easy enough to ignore. Also, several minutes of sound are covered by static in part 2. I don’t know what that’s about, but these are the only copies I could find.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Encyclopedias: gotta love ’em!

Science Fiction: the Illustrated Encyclopedia by John Clute. I recently found this at a used book shop and had to have it (along with a stack of other books, of course!). I’ve been browsing through it for the last few days, in between my other readings, and I love it. There’s so much info in here about the history of the genre, how it developed decade by decade, its major themes, its major authors, and so on. This will be a great addition to my SF library, and a frequent source of pleasure, I’m sure.